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It is our belief that one of the best ways to discover a city is through the stories of locals. So we decided to recreate the lifestyle of Lithuania’s temporary capital in an interwar period house. During the 20 years of Independence and the cultural euphoria that followed, Kaunas was often nicknamed Little Paris. The phenomenon of Parisian-like interwar culture began to develop just a few years after the city sewer was introduced.

At five o’clock, the homes of intellectuals and artists would turn into salons, where coffee with almond milk would be served alongside intriguing conversations about the art, the state, or the underwear. An atmosphere of networking among the cultured class was developing in restaurants where every self-respecting intellectual had a personal table. The dinner there would cost one-fifth of the average wage. Meanwhile, the ladies would draw seams with eyebrow pencils on their bare legs to replace the forgotten hosiery.

What is bohemia? The concept of bohemia is rarely defined in people’s minds. For some, it’s the weeks lost drowning in wine and cigarettes. For others, it’s a social class of artists, a synonym for freedom, gatherings of like-minded, lifestyle, or just the association with the past.
For us, bohemia is being one step forward. It’s the inner freedom of thinking differently, a modern philosophy with a spice of peaceful rebellion in the backdrop of tense lifestyles. It’s the lively conversations that become a respite from the grey monotony.

At BōHEME HOUSE, you will not find interwar Art Deco interiors, objects, or artefacts that belong in museums and bibliographies. In the BōHEME HOUSE’s eight differently-themed apartments, you will discover the behind-the-scenes life stories of the most interesting personalities told in the 21st-century language. Through the time flow of your stay, we present you the stories of people who inspired the apartments. We hope that this book will become a thrilling part of the experience.

Experimenting and interpreting, together with you, we hope to create a space that would prompt the development of modern bohemia. BōHEME HOUSE is an ever-changing and growing piece that will constantly welcome you with new stories and new experiences.

This house was created by a young family of three, Vaiva, Linas & Maja, within putting all our hearts, time, efforts, and dreams to create a pleasant experience in our beloved hometown. We always believed that getaways should become exceptional experiences – from unusual interiors to interactive city explorations. Enjoy the journey of this inspiring space and our home.

With Love, Vaiva